My current training gear

In my second post I’ve decided to describe my current running gear and some plans for improvement. After reading this post you will have some idea about the topics of the future entries.

I have divided this category into 2 parts: hardware and software.


Name Description Photo
Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS watch for runners and triathletes. Very good battery, for use indoors with the garmin footpod. Overall very satisfied but have some issues: time resetting, current pace variations, ANT Agent on Windows 8. More on this in future posts. 310xt
Garmin Forerunner 305 with Heart Rate strap My first GPS watch that I’ve imported from USA (very cheap!). Was using it for long period of time but eventually moved to Forerunner 310XT (in some future posts I will explain why). I still have it but on 25th of Octover i will give it to my father for his birthday since from some time he started running and he is dreaming about finishing a marathon… forerunner 305
4iiii Viiiiva Viiiiva is a heart rate monitor that supports both ANT+ protocol and BTLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). It can be used in wide range of training watches (Garmin, Suunto, Timex that uses ANT+) and applications (Endomondo, Garmin Fit, Sportstracklive, miCoach – both Android and iOS). It allows me to transmit the hear rate simultaneously to my GPS watch and miCoach app. Additionally it has a cool feature to bridge ANT+ sensors to BTLE. viiiva
Samsung Galaxy S4 It’s not per se a device for running but it is mentioned here since the phone is for some time my fellow training partner. Why? It features ANT+ and BTLE chip. Because of that i can connect to Viiiiva heart rate strap my footpods. galaxy s4
Garmin ANT+ Footpod I often run in gym on treadmill. This device allows me to measure my distance and pace while running indoors. It also helps me to measure my instant pace while running outdoors. It also measure my stride rate. I use it with my Forerunner 305, 310XT and Garmin Fit, Sportstracklive apps. garmin foot pod
Adidas speed_cell BTLE It has the same application like the above Garmin Footpod. The only difference is that I use it only with the miCoach app.  adidas speed cell btle


Just a quick remark – as you can see from the above table, I use a phone with Android. This means that, at least now, I will mainly focus on the applications that are available on Android. But in most cases, where it comes to compatibility, I will also try to test things on iOS – hope my friends will help me with that:).

Name Description Logo
Endomondo A running application and running log that I use mainly. Why? Because it’s simple and extremely popular. It allows to track friends results and share yours. Very good for motivation. Premium substription features detailed running data and training plans (I have finnished my first marathon with Endomondo training plan). It supports (on Android) ANT+ and BTLE heart rate sensors.  endomondo_navnetrækmtagline
miCoach For me almost perfect training app. Features: BTLE heartrate and footpod support, voice coaching, very nice training plans, clear and configurable training methods (pace or heart rate). Almost perfect for me.  micoach
Garmin fit Very simple app that allows however to use the ANT+ heart rate sensor and footpod. Uploads directly to Garmin Connect.  garmin fit
Sportstracklive This app is a swiss knife. It supports ANT+ and BTLE footpods and heart rate straps, it has voice coaching, you can configure your training. Something lacks tough and probably because of that the app will be discontinued since 1st November 2014. Shame since it had potential. I was using it mainly for my trainings on treadmill.  sportstrack live

In next few weeks I will focus mainly on the above hardware/software so expect to read more about them soon.

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