Hi to you all!

My name is Mariusz (for friends Mario). I’m a runner and big technology enthusiast. Just simple a running geek. And when geek starts running – he’s just a Geekontrack. That’s me – as simple as that.

I have founded this site to share my knowledge and fascination about technologies that support runner all over the world.

But sadly those technologies aren’t perfect…

When I’ve started my trainings I spent a lot of time to choose my perfect training kit. Once I got it I spent much more time to configure it correctly, plan my trainings, use training plans on my devices, gather data and train on a treadmill.

Which device to choose? Which training app? What heart rate strap? Why? What is the best runner ecosystem – Endomondo, miCoach, Strava, Garmin Connect? Look for answer on those, and many more, questions on that site!

That’s not everything. Every day I am finding many software issue and hardware compatibility problems. I will try to resolve them and share it. Those are the main topics of this site.


But no only – it will be also about my trainings and sometime about my personal life but probably mostly related to running and technology. But we will see how this will evolve.

About me

If you want to read more about me please visit the About me page.


If you want to contact me on any topic concerning this site please use the Contact form.

To wrap up

Last but not least – thanks for stopping by! I hope we will spend some nice time together and reading this site will be so much fun for you, as for me writing it.

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