How to download trainings from Forerunner 310XT with Android smartphone


During the weekends I often travel to the countryside to my (or my fiance) parents. Because I have only one ANT+ stick which is connected to my desktop PC (yes, I still have this one for gaming:)) it was impossible for me to upload the training online right away (also often I don’t take my laptop so ANT+ stick would not help me anyway).

I have a smartphone that has ANT+ (Samsung Galaxy S4 – list of other available phones are available here) so I wonder – maybe there is an app in Google Play that can get the training from the watch and upload to Garmin Connect/Endomondo. Or just store the GPX/TCX locally? The important here is – download the workouts from the watch so I would not need the PC with ANT+ stick.

And guess what – there is!

Uploader for Garmin

The app is called Uploader for Garmin and it’s available in Google Play store here. It’s free to test the functionality (with free version we can get one training and test the upload). Afterwards if we want to use the app we need to make an in-app purchase (about 5€/$6.6). The price is a little little bit high but I was happy to pay for the functionality it provides.


Before usage we have to configure the app. This is how the configuration looks like:

Screenshot_2014-11-06-13-55-56 Screenshot_2014-11-06-13-56-05 Screenshot_2014-11-06-13-56-13

Actually the only thing I needed to enable is the Force ANT+ Scan (it’s a setting for the Galaxy S4 because it has internal ANT+ radio). I also have checked Enable device diagnostics – I always like to know what is happening.

To allow the transfer we have to enable Data transfer and on the first usage enable Pairing in the watch in Settings -> System -> Data Transfer.


Afterwards we just select Get Activities on the main screen and wait.


Sometimes the transfer hangs or the status stops on ANT Reset.


Then we just select Cancel and Retry and waits once the status will reach Ready. And wait again:).


After a short while the transfer will start. When we are connecting the app for the first time with our watch we have to also confirm the pairing on the watch.


Screenshot_2014-11-06-13-55-21 Screenshot_2014-11-06-13-55-32

After we download the workouts they are available in the list.


We can see some overall training details.


And export it to the following runners logs.

Screenshot_2014-11-06-11-46-09 Screenshot_2014-11-06-11-46-16

Screenshot_2014-11-06-11-46-56 Screenshot_2014-11-06-11-47-24 Screenshot_2014-11-06-11-47-31

Personally I have connected Endomondo with Garmin Connect so I always export to Garmin Connect and it sends the workout automatically to Endomondo. I described how to do this in my Forerunenr 310XT review.

The app also supports uploading the routes to the watch but this functionality works only for the watches connected with USB cable. And yes – it supports those watches as well. But then we need to connect the the charging/transfer cradle to the watch with the OTG cable. The full list of compatible devices is available here.


[Update: for some reason the workout transfer doesn’t work if the data recording is set to Every Second. It has to be set to Smart Recording. The same is with Garmin Express. To get the trainings recorded with Every Second setting I had to use ANT+ Agent.]


New watches have the ability to sync workouts through WIFI or smartwatch with BLE. This app brings kind of similar functionality to the the 5 years old Forerunner 310XT and made it a little bit more attractive and user friendly. I fully recommend the app as an great addition to the already great (but oldie) watch.

Thanks for reading:).


  • Hi,

    I may have missed it, but is there a way to bulk export from Android to Garmin Connect? At this poitn I am only seeing one event at a time.

    Thank you,


  • Do you know if this app does real-time download and upload to garmin connect while running? Meaning, the data would transfer from watch to phone to internet during a live run? Thanks

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