Garmin HRM-RUN and Polar replacement strap

After 1,5 years of usage the HRM-RUN started to give me bad results. I was not sure if the reason was the strap or the HRM-RUN itself. In short my heart rate graphs were indicating, that on the beginning of the training my heart rate was about 190-193 (so just below my hr max) and after few minutes it went down to more reasonable value.

Below few examples (it’s most noticeable in the first one).

2016-11-02-21_39_30-zdjecia 2016-11-02-21_39_56-zdjecia 2016-11-02-21_41_34-zdjecia

Since the strap was 1,5 years old I’ve decided to try first this option. But I didn’t want to buy the Garmin strap. There were 2 reasons:

  • Chafes on my chest after long runs (>1,5h).
  • Price – $35.

One year ago I was using the Polar V800 with H7 strap. I didn’t have any problems with the H7 strap. Never any chafes or incorrect readings. Also it’s cheaper than the Garmin one – $19,95. But will the HRM-RUN fit? The connectors span seems to be the same. Also I’ve found the confirmation on Garmin forum.

So I’ve ordered one. It fits but… The HRM-RUN module is sadly popping out. But don’t worry! I’ve noticed that the connectors are surrounded with a a rubber ring. So with a sharp knife I’ve removed like 2mm of the rubber and then it fits perfectly!



Test run and the initial high hr problem is fixed.


Also I didn’t experienced the any chafes with the Polar strap whatsoever! Even with longer, 3 hour runs.

In my opinion the Polar H7 replacement strap, with small adjustment that requires a knife, it a perfect replacement for the Garmin heart rate strap. It’s cheaper and didn’t cause chafes. And additionally it’s available in 6 colors:).

h7-redh7-blackh7-whiteh7-pink h7-orange h7-color-1

Also what’s important. The problem with the HRM-RUN popping apparently happens only with the newer Polar Straps. I’ve just bought a 2 years old Polar V800 with H7 and the HRM-RUN fits in the old strap without any problems. So if you ever want to do this please try if the module fits first and then use the knife:).

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