About me



Thanks for stopping by! On the beginning I would like to introduce myself and tell something about me. My name is Mariusz (for friends just Mario), I live in Katowice (Poland), I am a programmer and a geek. Since this year I am a regular runner (just like you!).

Me and running

In 2011 I’ve graduated high school, moved to Katowice and started work as a regular programmer. Since then I wasn’t thinking much about running (or any other sport activity for that matter) and gained some weight. In August 2013 I have told enough and started running. I bought the Jeff’s Galloway book and began the first training. It was painful but fun!

First marathon dream

In April 2014, after some beers with my friend (a great marathoner), I’ve declared myself: “This will be the year of my first marathon”! After sobering up I’ve started to wonder. How will I make my plan for marathon, how will I monitor my progress, will I have enough motivation, are there tools that can increase my motivation and keep me focused?


Those toughs brought me to the area that I’ve always loved – technology. There are numerous of technologies that are helping runners archive their goals. GPS watches, mobile apps, heartate straps, footpods etc. I’ve used some of them and this site will be mainly about them – the hardware/software that are helps us accomplish our running goals.

First marathon completed

I’ve completed my first marathon using the training plan from Endomondo, a Garmin 310XT GPS watch, Garmin ANT+ footpod. I have small history with miCoach and thier training plans etc. Eventually I’ve managed to complet a 16 week training plan from Endomondo and finnished the marathon with time 4:28:15 (my target was 4:30:00). Was really proud of myself! During the training plan I was able to lose some weight (8kg) and feel much better now! But that’s not the end of my challenges – currently I’m focusing on increasing my speed and run stamina.


Why this site?

The looking for perfect hardware and software was a lot of struggle. I often found that there is a lot of hardware and software that supposed to be compatible but they aren’t. Most of the running apps are more mature on iOS than Android – what is then working on Android? What hardware is supported? Will this footpod work on Android version of Wahoo fitness on Android or not? Will it work with Garmin Watch? On this site i will test the hardware and software and share my experience.

So what will you find on this site?

Reviews of running hardware and software.

You will not find here any reviews of schoes, socks or energy gels. Only things that have some hardware in it.