Android Wear smartwatch as a device for runners

Introduction I didn’t liked the idea of smartwatch for a long time. Primary because those devices were not standardized and every manufacturer has his own operating system. Because of this fact the app developers were forced to write the integration for every watch basically from the scratch. With the introduction of Android Wear (and in future the Apple Watch) this […]

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My current training gear

In my second post I’ve decided to describe my current running gear and some plans for improvement. After reading this post you will have some idea about the topics of the future entries. I have divided this category into 2 parts: hardware and software. Hardware Name Description Photo Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS watch for runners and triathletes. Very good battery, […]

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Hi to you all! My name is Mariusz (for friends Mario). I’m a runner and big technology enthusiast. Just simple a running geek. And when geek starts running – he’s just a Geekontrack. That’s me – as simple as that. I have founded this site to share my knowledge and fascination about technologies that support runner all over the world. […]

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